Add Badges to My Profile

Adding badges is a fun way to see how much we all have in common. Here is a set of instructions on how to add them:

1- Once you log in, look to the left panel and click 'My Account'
2- Now you will see 3 tabs (view, Edit, Badges), click 'Badges'
3- There are 2 tabs (List, Edit). Click 'Edit'

Now, you want to add the badges that apply to you. You will add them in the 'Add Badges' section.

4- Type "talking" in the field box where it says 'New Badge 1:'
5- You will see a search come up and pop up 'Talking Science' click it to add the badge to the field.

6- There is a website that lists all possible badge choices here.
Open the following link in a New Window :
Find a few badges and keep in mind their description.

7- For each badge you want to add, type in a part of the description and the badge will pop up in the New Badge field.
There is a max of adding 5 badges at a time, so if you want more you can return to this section later.

8- Once you finish, Click 'Update Badges' and you're all set!

If you have any questions, let me or Steve know :)