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The Fish Collection

The collection of fishes at UMass contains 37,000 specimens in 3,650 lots. The fish collection had its first entry recorded in the 1930's for a brown bullhead catfish (Ictalurus nebulosus), collected by H. E. Warfel, but the fish collection was officially established in the 1950's by T.J. Andrews.

By the 1980’s Andrews had collected and catalogued more than 1,800 lots. Our present collection of fishes includes freshwater fishes from Massachusetts state river basins and from 20 other states. Marine fishes from the Gulf of Maine are also represented. About 2,800 lots are preserved in fluids; less than a hundred are cleared and stained; 800 are skeletons, and there are some miscellaneous preparations (glycerin, formalin, fossil, skull). A highlight of our collection is a set of skeletons of marine fishes from the Gulf of Mexico, obtained during fishing tournaments in Alabama and prepared and deposited by Professor Emeritus Wiliiam E. Bemis and his collaborators (see Bemis et al. 2004 Copeia for details).

Most of the collection can be accessed in a computer database online. There is a link to a PDF cataloging materials collected at the Dauphin Island Sea Lab. The fish collection is undergoing a reorganization using the new edition of Nelson, 2006 numbers.

Curator: Cristina Cox Fernandes

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