RuPauls Drag Race

2013 SI

Science, Technology, and Society

Waterman & Stanley

Notes from Tues afternoon group on STS

How do you sort out different claims to knowledge?

How does the popular press disseminate findings? Tylenol helps dispel existential angst?

Different knowledge claims based on the audience. In the short term. Relationship between popular media and science. Fox news vs. NYTimes. Short term vs. long term.

Pick a claim that is not too incendiary.


Frame with RuPaul’s drag race. Drag queen comes out as transgender, man to woman. RuPaul had to decide whether or not she needed to be disqualified.

Notes about science and socio-cultural categories

We're thinking about science and information literacy and scientific communication. Who is the audience for scientific communication? What are the norms of scientific discourse? (as per Lemke) What role does framing take?

Moving back, the discussion moved to what is science? Is there a scientific method? Are scientists Kuhnian or Feyerabendian? What do they want to be? Is science fundamentally the same or different from other human endeavors?

Science Technology and Society

The Science Technology and Society group is Frank Giuliano, Donald Cotter, Sarah Bacon, and Mara Breen.

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