Small Change

2013 SI


Student prose

Misconception in a paper on chemical reactions:

...In the case of smog, heat is emitted into the atmosphere in the form of ozone and nitrogen dioxide; these gases become trapped by the clouds in the atmosphere, which causes the global temperature to increase. The heat that is emitted into the atmosphere most often comes from cars and power plants, which consume resources and essentially turn them into pollutants....

Planning for tidbit

Target group:
Introductory biology or chemistry

Overall learning objective for a bigger module:
Learning objective:
Content: Understand the connection between burning fossil fuel, generation of CO2 and global warming

Process: Understand how to make and evaluate alternative models

Tidbit learning objective:

Process: Generate alternative explanations with mechanisms for how burning fossil fuel could change global temperature

Assessment: Elicit misconceptions. Where are they at? Continue to monitor on-line in blog. Later essay questions?

Small Change

The Other Two group is Karsten Theis, Michael Ching, Renae Brodie, and Anne Gershenson.

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