Betsy Dumont receives award from bat society

Feb 28, 2015

Betsy Dumont, Curator of Mammals and recent Director of Collections, was recognized at the North American Society for Bat Research for her “outstanding service and contribution to the field of Chiropteran biology” at the meeting of the NASBR, October 22-25, at Albany, New York.  She is the 21st recipient and the fourth woman to receive this high honor. 

The award is named after Gerrit S. Miller, Jr., a leading bat biologist and assistant curator of mammals at the U.S. National Museum from 1909-40, later an associate in biology at the Smithsonian Institution, whose work on the evolutionary relationships of Chiropteran families and genera to one another still strongly influences taxonomic thinking about bats today.

The UMass News & Media article, is available here