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NHC Summer Fellowships Awarded

The 2016 summer fellowships from the Natural History Collections have been awarded to two graduate students and two undergraduates.

UMass Amherst Biologist Receives Fulbright to Study Ancient Native Plants and Invasive Insect Threat

AMHERST, Mass. – Benjamin Normark, professor of biology at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, was recently selected as a Fulbright scholar and will spend the fall 2016 semester in Mexico documenting the spread of the insect, cycad aulacaspis scale.

Normark Wins NSF Grant

Benjamin Normark, Director of Collections, has been awarded a $653,000 NSF grant to study armored scale insects on four continents. In cooperation with Geoff Morse, from the University of San Diego, and graduate student Daniel Peterson.

New Curator of Primatology Named

The Natural History Collections welcomes Jason Kamilar, Assistant Professor of Anthropology as Curator of Primatology.

Patterns in Nature: An exhibit in the Integrated Science Building

Kate Doyle, Collections Manager, has installed an exhibit in the lobby of the Integrated Science Building illustrating "Patterns in Nature"

Margery Coombs honored by Society of Vertebrate Paleontology

Curator of Fossil Vertebrates and Emeritus Professor of Biology Margery Coombs was awarded honorary membership in the SVP recognizing her "distinguished contribution to vertebrate paleontology".

Lemur fossils discovered in underwater cave in Madagascar

Laurie Godfrey, Curator of Primates, along with Professor Alfred Rosenberger of Brooklyn College, led a team which discovered a large fossil lemur "graveyard" in underwater caves in Madagascar. Besides giant lemurs the caves contained fossils of other extinct species such as elephan birds, horned crocodiles and extinct hippos.


Reports from Summer 2015 Fellowship

During the summer of 2015 two graduate students and an undergraduate worked on researcy projects with the help of fellowships from the Natural History Collections.

Natural History Collections Summer Fellowships Awarded.

Four graduate students have been awarded NHC Summer Fellowships for 2015.

Jeff Podos co-edits book on animal signaling

Jeff Podos, Curator of Birds, has co-edited the book, "Animal Signaling and Function: An Integrative Approach", with collleagues Duncan Irschick, UMass Biology Professor, and Mark Briffa, an associate professor in animal behavior at Plymouth University, U.K.