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Podos studies Amazonian bell birds

Jeff Podos, Curator of Birds, is studying Amazonian bellbirds this summer via a Fulbright Fellowship.  With longtime collaborator Mario Cohn-Haft, a staff member of the National Institute for Amazon Research in Brazil, Podos will be research how these small birds produce such booming songs.

Summer Scholarships 2018

The Natural History Collections have awarded six scholarships for the summer of 2018. These awards are made in support of research and education in the collections.  This year they went to

Kamilar appointed Editor-in-Chief of Evolutionary Anthropology

Jason Kamilar, Curator of Fossil Primates, has been appointed the new editor-in-chief of Evolutionary Anthropology, a peer-reviewed academic journal focusing on current issues in biological anthropology, paleontology, archaeology, primatology, genetics, human ecology and other areas pertinent to

Robert Wilce - Ice Diver

     The UMass Magazine Fall 2017 features a story on Emeritus Professor Robert Wilce.

NHC Summer Scholarships

   The NHC Summer Scholarship program offers support for student research that is collections related – that is using or contributing to the UMass or other natural history collections.

Bartlett and colleagues receive NSF grant

Madelaine Bart.ett, Curator of Living Plants, has received an $812,000 NSF grant as part of a team which will study the plant stem cell genes amd the role they play in more and bigger fruit.  Bartlet is an evolutionary plan biologist.

Dumont and colleagues use 3-D to analyze fossil bites

Betsy Dumont, Curator of Mammals, with graduate student Andrew John Conith and colleagues, used 3-D printed replicas of fossil teeth of early shrew-like mammals to analyze likely damage to prey as well as bite force and work required.

Summer Scholarship Reports - Daniel Petersen and Zeena Casteel

Daniel Peterson is studying the evolution of ecological specialization by investigating evidence for trade-offs between specialization and ‘jack-of-all trades’ feeding in armored scale insects (Family Diaspididae).

Jason Kamilar publishes study on climate and African mammals

Jason Kamilar, Curator of Primates, and colleagues have published a study in the journal Proceedings of  the Royal Society B on the effect of climate and the distribution of mammals in Africa.