NHC Summer Scholarships

Nov 16, 2017

   The NHC Summer Scholarship program offers support for student research that is collections related – that is using or contributing to the UMass or other natural history collections. Since 2006 we have funded thesis or honors research for 68 graduate and undergraduate students, mostly from UMass, but also from some nearby schools.
   In 2017 six students were awarded scholarships. The reports from their summer are coming in. Recipients were:
   Hannah Broadley, an Organismic and Evolutionary Biology (OEB) graduate student working with Joseph Elkinton, for her project, “Friend or Foe: the identity and role of two native, parasitic wasps on the population of an invasive insect”.
   Rachel Keefe, an undergraduate Biology major working with Cristina Cox Fernandes, for her project, “Morphology and osteology of the cranial sexual dimorphism in the Amazonian electric knifefish Compsaraia samueli: differentiating potentially cryptic sexes”. 
   David Munteanu, an Organismic and Evolutionary Biology student working with Betsy Dumont, for his project, “Hit the ground running – how diet and locomotor mode affect post‐cranial morphology in mammals, order Carnivora”. 
   Amy Strauss, an OEB student working with Jeff Podos, for her project, “The role of social factors in song learning in Melospiza georgiana”.
   Andrew Zamora, an Anthropology graduate student working with Jason Kamilar, for his project, “Targeted sequencing of five lemur species from a captive colony-based biological collection”.
   Cory Zeng, a Biology undergraduate working with Duncan Irschick, for his project, “Creating 3D Models of Preserved Organisms for the Natural History Collections”. Cory's images can be viewed at the Irschick lab's Sketchfab (the shortnose sturgeon, and an ostrich egg) and at the lab's digital life page (eggs).  

The final reports are listed below.