NHC Summer Fellowships for 2013

Nov 28, 2013

The Natural History Collections Summer Fellowships for 2013 have been awarded to six students: three graduate students in the Organismic and Evolutionary Biology Program and three undergraduates in Anthropology, Biology, and Environmental Conservation. The average awarded was $3,000. The recipients are:

Matthew Boyer, from Lynn Adler’s lab for his study, “Effects of an invasive plant species on natural selection on a native plant mediated by pollinators and herbivores”;

Kristin Cheney for her study, “Spatial variation of stream insect emergence”. Allison Roy from the Department of Environmental Conservation is her advisor;

Ashley Cox, undergraduate in Anthropology studying with Laurie Godfrey, for her study, “Documenting human butchery of subfossil giant lemurs of Madagascar”;

Patrick Green, OEB graduate student with Sheila Patek, for his study, “Intraspecific morphological variation in mantis shrimp”;

Yi-Fen Lin, OEB graduate student with Betsy Dumont, for her project, “Burrowing performance of North American moles”;

Zoemma Warshafsky, Biology undergraduate for her study, “Atlantic bluefin tuna parasitology”. Her advisor is Molly Lutcavage, Director of the Large Pelagics Research Center in Gloucester.