March 9, 2010

Election results
-President: Celeste DiGloria
-Vice President: Dinah Gorelik
-Secretary: Allison Mullin
-Treasurer: Kelly Schatz
-Public Relations: Maksim Sigal
-Community Service Coordinator: Solomon Heifets

-reminder to get TB test ASAP if volunteering at nursing home
-still looking for volunteers for nursing home, need commitment of Thursday nights, contact Dinah if interested
-need volunteers for MS Walk on May 1 - tabling in Campus Center, photographers and greeters at event
-NSB Brown Bag lunch link will be posted soon by Celeste
-NEXT MEETING: MARCH 23 - the topic is cognitive aging in primates

Nafi Ismail, post-doctoral fellow from Professor Jeffrey Blaustein's lab
Topic: The effect of exposure to males on the response to LPS treatment in female mice
-housing females with males prolongs LPS-induced sickness in C57 and CD1 mice strains
-LPS-induced body temperature changes take longer to normalize in male room in CD1
-hypothesis as to why: psychosocial stressor
-future plans: study body temperature in C57 females, compare cytokine and cytokine receptor expression levels as a measure of illness

Hope everyone has a great spring break! See you on March 23!