How to Use this CD Version of "Legion of Night"
(1)  Maximum benefit from this CD is afforded by accessing it with a frames compatible browser such as Netscape, Firefox or Microsoft Internet Explorer.  You need to become familiar and adept with the use of your particular browser.  Additional benefit can be obtained by using an image paint program (such as GIMP, which is free and available on all platforms) to access individual images (including the entire series of frontice and colored plates of LON in larger than screen versions.)
(2)  Resizing of  frames, scrolling and viewing enlarged images.  The files and frames used in indexing the text and plates weres adjusted to work with computer screens 800 x 600 or larger.  If smaller or larger screens are being used to view this CD you may wish to adjust the frames in the framed-index or other framed instances to allow more convenient viewing.  Learn how to adjust the frames of particular browsers.

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