Unk-1 and Unk-2 "were found in New Zealand (in a cargo ship)... The previous port was Brisbane Australia, but ... they might have boarded previously somewhere more distant. I did not recognise the one with the bold brown pattern, but thought ... one might be Mocis trifasciata? They both have a wingspan of about 4 cms." Don Herbison-Evans

Hypaetra novaguineana
Hampson, Brit. Museum
Plate ccxxiii fig 6

Unknown 2
  According to Hampson H. novaguineana is found in New Guinea, which is consistent with Unknown-2 entry either in Australia or New Guinea.   I have not found a listing for H. novaguineana elsewhere.   Is it possible that its Genus and species name have changed?   I have found that Hypaetra and Hypetra have been juniored to Anereuthina but I have not located any species with useful detail from here, except:
Anereuthina renosa Hübner , 1823 Zutr. Samml. exot. Schmett. 2: 23, figs 325, 326.  
We have this volume in our Special Collections floor and I will look at it as soon as I can. JGK
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