Rat Dissection Preparation Page

We are offering students the choice of participating in our ecology based field walk or a rat dissection lab. The rat dissection will only cover the reproductive systems, digestive system and respiratory system. If you chose the rat dissection you are responsible for coming to lab having read the lab manual and having basic knowledge of the function of the structures found in those systems. In class we will dissect rats to identify those structures and then (at the end of the lab) we will administer a practical exam. The exam will consist of a series of dissected rats with various organs and structures pinned. You will be required to identify and explain the function of the structure pinned.

To prepare for lab this week:

Read Rat Dissection from the on line lab manual.

The following are sources to help you learn the anatomy of the Rat, and for those who have an ethical objection to dissection:

Video of Dissection, Digestive system
Video of Dissection, Reproductive system

To repeat: You are not responsible for the circulatory system this semester.

Video of Dissection, Thoracic Cavity and Circulatory system

Rat Anatomy Practical Practice

Assignment this week:

A 10 question practical on Rat Dissection at end of class (10 pts.)