Table 4.  Sex Dimorphism and Strain Effects on Drosophila Wing Shape.

Fully parametized factorial analysis of sex, strain and sex-strain interaction on wing shape in Drosophila melanogaster was carried out using tpsReg software of Rohlf.  Three hundred wings, 50 males and 50 females from each of three wild-type strains (Canton-S, U. Tennesee Ag. Peach, and Porch-88) were included in the experimental design.  The Generalized Goodall F-test of significance, with df1 and df2 degrees of freedom, of each independent effect is provided.  The probability (P) of an effect occurring by chance is declared not significant (ns) or highly significant (***) according to convention.

Sources %-explained df1 df2 F P
SEX 9.377 22 6556 30.813 < 0.0001 ***
STRAIN 29.666 44 6534 62.588 < 0.0001 ***
SEX x STRAIN 0.771 44 6534 1.153 0.2266 ns
Residual 60.187

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