Micro Success

How to be successful in Microbiology.

All in class quiz questions and exam essay topics will be from a pool of questions/topics that I will hand out as the course progresses. You will have many opportunities to review questions (online questions) and discussion essay topics in class. There will be no new questions on the quizzes and exams.

I recommend that you work on the quiz questions on your own. You may and are encouraged to work in groups on studying the essay topics for the exams. However, I would recommend writing the essays in your own words. My prior experience has been that students who simply study another persons essay do not perform well on the exam.

Here are some other tips.

* Come to class on time.
* Always bring your PRS transmitter and a pen or pencil.
* Pay attention and participate in class discussions.
* Respect your neighbors. Keep the discussions focused on the topic at hand.
* Turn off your cell phone. You will be asked to leave if you use your cell phone in class.
* If you miss class, make sure to immediately get notes.
* If you don't understand something in class, seize the moment! Others are likely to be struggling with the concept and there is plenty of time to discuss the issue. It is much harder to address the question afterwards.
* If you need accommodations for a learning issue, let me know.
* If you're really sick (think swine flu), skip class and go to the infirmary. Don't come in and give it to the entire class. Your classmates will appreciate it and so will I, come to office hours when you're better (not contagious) and I'll help you catch up.
* Experience microbiology first hand...join a research group - http://www.micro.umass.edu/micro/blanchard/undergraduate.html