Junior Fellows 2009-2010

Sean Bickerton
(Thayumanavan Lab- Chemistry)
Research: Polymer Based Assemblies for Application in Drug Delivery

Danielle Cotter
(Baldwin Lab- VASCI)

Lindsay Dawson
(Hardy Lab- Chemistry)
Research: A Dark to Bright Fluorescent Protease Reporter for Matrix Metalloproteinase Activity

Shannon Egna
(Scott Lab- Psychology)
Research: The Development of Attention and Memory in the First Year of Life

Kari Fischer
(Cheung Lab- Biochemistry)
Research: Integration of GEF1 into the ABA Signal Transduction Pathway in Plants

Peter Garas
(Blaustein Lab- Psychology)
Research: The Long-term Neuroendocrine Effects of Pubertal Stress Exposure in the Female Mouse

Joshua Grolman
(Tew Lab- Polymer Sciences)
Research: ROMP-based Hydrogels

David Paquette
(Gierasch Lab- Biochemistry)

Kelli Pattavina
(Bezanilla Lab- Biology)
Research: Discovering the Role of AIP in Polarized Plant Cell Growth

Alexandra Protopopova
(Novak Lab- Psychology)
Research: Do Rhesus Monkeys Recognize and Prefer Humans Who Imitate Them?

Michael Quercio
(Arcaro Lab- VASCI)
Research: Examining Uptake and Distribution of Manufactured Gold Nanoparticles in Japanese Medaka

Christine Rega
(Podos Lab- Biology)
Research: Song Sharing and Song Performance Variation in the Swamp Sparrow (Melospiza georgiana)

Jennifer Rivero
(Clarkson Lab- Kinesiology)
Research: Muscle Response After Strenuous Aerobic and Resistance Exercise

Nematullah Sharaf
(Heuck Lab- Biochemistry)
Research: Characterization of the Cholesterol-Dependent Binding of Perfringolysin O: Contribution of Hydrophobic Residues

Dima Tokar
(Holden Lab- Microbiology)
Research: Genome-Enabled Analysis of Iron and Sulfur Respiration Near 100C