Junior Fellows 2008-2009

Katarina Anderson
(Martin Lab)
Research: Effects Of MolecularCrowding On Transcription Of T7 RNA Polymerase

Christopher Ferreira
(Nambu Lab)
Research:  Effects Of Drosophila P Element Mutation On Dichaete Gene Expression

Ngoc Ho
(Thompson Lab)
Research: Mechanisms Of Transmembrane Transport

Joonhyung Jay Kim
(Kunkel Lab)
Research: Finding A Factor That Causes Lobster (Homarus Americanus) Shell Disease

Yurie Kim
(Garman Lab)
Research: Structural Biology Of Lysosomal Enzymes, NPC2 And GALC

Catherine Martin
(Novak Lab)
Research: Self Recognition In Rhesus Monkeys

Jennifer Morris
(Telfer Lab)
Research: PCR-Based Analysis Of Genetically Modified Mouse Hematopoetic Stem Cells Engrafted In Sheep

Jesse Punch
(Lee Lab)
Research: Quantification of Dynein Pathway Components In Budding Yeast 

Matthew Rich
(Podos Lab)
Research: Diversity Of Passerine Birds Near An Urban Center On Santa Cruz, Galapagos Islands

Mona Salameh
(Caceido Lab)
Research: The Evolutionary Origin Of Fragrance In Domesticated Rice

Hilary Schiffer
(Schloss Lab)
Research: Assessing The Microbial Diversity In High Heat Soils

Cornelius Taabazuing
(Schnarr Lab)
Research: Generating NRPS Mini Libraries For Combinatorial Biosynthesis

Pardeep Thandi
(Thayumanavan Lab)
Research: Amino Acid Based Polymers For Gene Delivery

Michael Vallerie
(Riley Lab)
Research: The Stress Of Competition On Colicinogenic E. Coli

Nikki Woodward
(Hebert Lab)
Research: Co-Translational Studies Of A Sequentially Folding Glycoprotein