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35th Day of Class


1. Paper due on 12/10/2007

Learning Objectives

Define and describe biogeography for microbes

Design tests to determine the significance of biogeography for microbes

Lecture Notes

Lecture Notes

PowerPoint Slides

Lecture was primarily taken from:

Martiny JB, Bohannan BJ, Brown JH, Colwell RK, Fuhrman JA, Green JL, Horner-Devine MC, Kane M, Krumins JA, Kuske CR, Morin PJ, Naeem S, Ovreås L, Reysenbach AL, Smith VH, Staley JT. 2006. Microbial biogeography: putting microorganisms on the map. Nature Reviews Microbiology 4:102-12

Reading Assignments

For class on 12/5 be sure to read and be prepared to discuss:

Ives, AR & Carpenter, SR.  2007.  Stability and diversity of ecosystems.  Science  317:58-62.

This reading can be obtained as a pdf from Ereserve

A short assessment exercise will be given at the beginning of class that will relate to the major themes of the review article. Your class participation point will depend on wether you can answer the question.

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