Skills and Professional Development


Each consultant needs to be familiar with the software and hardware provided in the BCRC. Below is an outline of the skills identified for consultants to develop.

BCRC Skills

  • Send email to the list ( )
  • Print
  • Print successfully from a document that uses frames (like your transcript from Spire)
  • Find every piece of equipment
  • Make reservations
  • Find every piece of software
  • Use printer control scripts: to check printer queues or cancel jobs
  • Post to your blog
  • Post to the twitter feed
  • Start-up X-windows and X-windows applications
  • How to Force Quit if the system gets stuck 'loading forever'
  • How to manage user accounts
  • Make coffee


  • Create and edit a simple document in html
    ** Make a document
    ** Make headings
    ** Insert an image
  • Change line-endings
  • Remove Line Endings
  • Prefix lines with comments or attribution marks
  • Hard Wrap


  • Transfer documents using SFTP
  • Edit documents on the server using Textwrangler.


  • Find the list of shared file-systems
  • Move a file from one machine to another via the network (using Scratch volume)
  • Save a file to a net-private volume
  • Find a file on the disk
  • Save a file on an external device (flashdrive, etc)
  • Burn a CD/DVD
  • Translate a word-perfect file
  • Compress a directory of files to make a zip file


  • Connect to UDrive
  • Upload and download files.
  • Create a ticket to share a file via email


  • Change the password of a student account.
  • Cogently explain the password changing process/rules
  • Interpret whether or not the user has a Biology account
  • know the combination for the door
  • know the passwords for the local "bcrc", "bcrcstaff", and "radmind" accounts and when to log in as each.
  • know to never ever give passwords to anyone and make people see the Director to get them.

Photoshop and gimp

  • download imagery from a camera.
  • Identify which machines have photoshop and/or gimp
  • Change image size
  • Adjust levels
  • Understand when to save as .xcf, Photoshop, PICT, tiff, or jpeg.


  • Know how to scan something as grayscale or color
  • Scan something that is screened
  • Scan a negative or transparency

Data projector

  • Create a PowerPoint Presentation
  • Set-up a data projector
  • Print slides in handout or notes view
  • Print transparencies

Word and OpenOffice

  • Create and use custom Styles
  • Insert a picture
  • Make a table
  • Save as html


  • Create a poster with Scribus
  • Print a poster

Excel and R

  • Make a histogram
  • Make a scatter plot
  • Draw a "best fit" line