Science Badges

I was visiting the website, that Ann told us about in her email, with a list of Science Badges.
As an Accounting Major, I was awestrucked at what people do out of curiosity.

One of the Badges, that I particularly liked was "I've set fire to stuff". I have a fascination with fire and I can make a fireball in my hand, I can also create a cool flame come out of my fist. So, it was natural for me to choose this badge.
Other then that, I could not relate to anything else.
To me business is exciting, I like reading about frauds committed in business. I keep tabs on how the market is doing.

I have taken Science classes in High School. I have also done some basic experiments like, making solutions, titration etc but that is it.

Hopefully, after reading this, I will be able to understand Science more and will be able to appreciate it even more.

As for the computer lab, I am thinking about stuff I can help with. If anyone of you needs help with anything, feel free to holla!

Another thing that I wanted to say and I might be completely wrong and people can disagree with me too but can we not call out a consultant, who is late to work, to the whole group? It has never happened to me but I feel very uncomfortable just reading those emails.

That is it for me.
Have a great weekend everyone!



I'm really sorry that you feel uncomfortable. I'm actually happy to see people sharing their experience: people should feel uncomfortable if, when they complete their shift, the next person hasn't arrived yet. I appreciate that they're letting me know (via the list) what's happening in the BCRC.

I understand that there are lots of reasons why someone might not see the next person coming on shift: they're running a few minutes late, or were just in the other room, or whatever. But it's really important that everyone know what's going on.

When I'm around, it's OK to leave the BCRC the open and unstaffed. But when I'm out, staff really ought to close the BCRC rather than leave it open and unstaffed. And minimally, a quick note to the list to let everyone know what's happening is very, very helpful.

It's really not a judgment about anyone: its just transparency about what's happening. Please keep sharing!!