Maker Community Building

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On January 17-19, 2014, the UMass Biology Computer Resource Center, Amherst Media, and Pioneer Valley Open Science are organizing a weekend-long event to begin building a Maker Community in Amherst, Massachusetts. We currently envision conducting the event at Amherst Media (246 College Street).

On Friday, January 17, we will hold a public presentation about Maker culture with an introduction about Arduinos. People who have signed up for the weekend workshop will participate in an ice-breaker to meet everyone and are encouraged to bring a computer they want to use for the weekend to make sure the software is installed and they can connect to an Arduino.

On Saturday, January 18, participants will return for a day of structured practice learning to use the Arduino. In the morning, an activity to introduce wiring and programming. In the afternoon, learning to use the arduino to accept input and collect data from the environment.

On Sunday, January 19, participants that want to build something independently with their Arduino can bring their components in and work with the support of the workshop staff. There will be no structured activities, but there will plenty of opportunities to try things, share, and see what others are doing.

Participants that register in advance will receive an Arduino and the necessary components to participate in the structured activities on Saturday. Participants on Sunday should pre-order the necessary components (from a vendor such as Newark/Element 14 or Ada Fruit) and have them in hand by the date of the workshop.

This event is particularly aimed at adults, young-adults, and self-motivated teens. For younger teens, especially, a parent might seriously consider also participating.

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