Ideas for Projects and Drupal

So I have a few ideas that could be fun to work on that would really help students.
1.) A "How to" on Excel
-I plan on listing helpful formulas that come in handy
-How to make charts and graphs
-How to add lines/box things in

2.) I know Bio312 covers this, but a "How to" on resumes could help students who haven't taken the course with building their resumes

3.) Tips on how to get jobs for the summer or for graduates
-Students could work together and give each other helpful hints on where they have heard of jobs or where they have gotten a job relating to biology
-This could also work with research labs

4.) Would it be a cool idea to start a page where students could talk about what they are learning in their classes and/or research labs? This could help fellow students with their decisions when it comes time to choose classes or if they are looking into working in a lab

5.) Students often have troubles printing, and it can be confusing sometimes, so I put together a list that could help...
1.) Make sure you click on Printer Auth icon on the desktop and sign into
that before you want to print something (using your biology username
and password). After you sign in, you can go ahead and print your desired
scholarly document.
2.) If you see a printer on the side menu bar and it is hopping around with a red
number, go ahead and click on that. If your job reads “On Hold” highlight the
job you want to print and click on the “Resume” button on the top.
3.) If you are asked to enter your name again in a separate box (a gray one) with
Registered User selected, change your full name that was pre-filled to your
biology username and password.
4.) If this doesn’t work, try logging out of PrinterAuth and log back and repeat
steps if necessary.
5.) If that doesn’t work, seek a wonderfully helpful consultant!

I have also been reading about Drupal...pretty cool!