Science Badges

I was visiting the website, that Ann told us about in her email, with a list of Science Badges.
As an Accounting Major, I was awestrucked at what people do out of curiosity.

One of the Badges, that I particularly liked was "I've set fire to stuff". I have a fascination with fire and I can make a fireball in my hand, I can also create a cool flame come out of my fist. So, it was natural for me to choose this badge.
Other then that, I could not relate to anything else.
To me business is exciting, I like reading about frauds committed in business. I keep tabs on how the market is doing.

I have taken Science classes in High School. I have also done some basic experiments like, making solutions, titration etc but that is it.

Hopefully, after reading this, I will be able to understand Science more and will be able to appreciate it even more.

As for the computer lab, I am thinking about stuff I can help with. If anyone of you needs help with anything, feel free to holla!

Another thing that I wanted to say and I might be completely wrong and people can disagree with me too but can we not call out a consultant, who is late to work, to the whole group? It has never happened to me but I feel very uncomfortable just reading those emails.

That is it for me.
Have a great weekend everyone!

Staff Manual Migrated

In response to Ann's suggestion, I've migrated the Staff Manual to this site -- you can find it in the menus to the left. Go ahead and start updating!



This is my first semester working at the BCRC, which is an awesome room full of computers and posters about bugs. I'm a consultant, which entitles me to a nice little sign that says I'm a consultant. It's the best job I could have hoped for, and I'm excited about the impending adventures.

One thing in particular that I have noticed is that people seem to be having trouble printing PowerPoint slides. If somebody wants to print slides 19-45 out of their 94-slide presentation, with two slides on each page, or something of that nature, they tend to run into weird problems. So far I have been helping them find ways around these problems, such as printing double-sided, but it would be nice to be able to help them work with these issues more directly. Recently I've been messing around with PowerPoint, trying to figure out some tricks.


~Updating the BCRC Staff Manual~

Hi everyone,
My name is Ann and I've been working here at the BCRC for a while and love it. I've noticed that the BCRC Staff Manual seems to be getting out of date. Some of the things such as the ProblemLog, rental log, or computer covers are not used or available anymore.

I am thinking of updating it and possibly making a hardcopy of it to be stored in the Black Cabinet. The hardcopy would be a great in an event of a power outage for instance. How would you know the procedures if you cannot view the manual on the computer? So This is my plan for now. I will do some edits and see if it can be approved for updating the BCRC Staff Manual website.

That's it for this week, I'll come up with more ideas for the BCRC next time~



I've updated MacOS X and added a bunch of other updates, including Firefox 6 and Office 2011. I've left Office 2008 installed as well.


Nobody uses the chalkboard at the front, what should we do with it?

Little things here and there

A few things that we can change at BCRC

1- We definitely need more fans in the room. It gets very hot and becomes harder to sit through the shift.

2- The two computers in the back left should be turned into a permanent consultant table to make it easier for students to find us.

3- The consultant signs if in color in addition to getting everyone's attention will look nicer. (I will work on that)

This is all for now.

Good luck on the finals!

Ideas for Decorating the BCRC

Hey guys,

The other day I was thinking about some possible ways to spruce up the BCRC for next year. Here are some potential ideas that I came up with:

  1. Make the BCRC more biology-themed rather than computer-themed. Maybe take down some of the random posters around the room and replace them with reference posters, for example, a phylogenetic tree, a plasmid map, a periodic table (although I suppose that's more chemistry-related), a poster about DNA, etc....

  2. Put some plants around the room

  3. A fishtank, maybe?

  4. I thought a bulletin board with recent scientific articles would be cool to have around the room. Perhaps the bulletin board could be titled something like "science in the news" and BCRC staff could periodically update it with interesting news articles they find having to do with science.

Let me know what you guys think of these ideas and if you have any other suggestions for beautifying the BCRC!


Earth Day

Happy Earth Day!

With the holiday, and Wednesday being a Monday schedule, I haven't spent much time in the bcrc this week. In the time that I was here, I helped people with making posters using Scribus.

10 days until May 3rd! This is the home stretch...

Inkscape and Cameras

Someone came in with a camera wanting to upload pictures to the computer for a project. The camera wouldn't upload the pictures initially, so I learned how to upload pictures using a cable.
I also re-familiarized myself with Inkscape because the person was going to use it for their pictures.
The colored printer is still giving me issues. I tried cleaning it with a coffee filter, but I didn't have any luck.
Printer 2 vs. Alyson 0
Happy Wednesday, and 19 days left until May 3rd!

Time Sheets


Lately there has been a lag in payroll. I went down to the office and they told us that they have not been receiving the hourly time sheets on time. It hasn't ever been an issue before this semester so I'm not sure what the cause of the problem is. I thought I'd bring it up.


Color Printing

Printing problems seem to be my thing lately. Jobs that are printed using sigelonta come out with light stripes across the images. To fix this, I ran "Eliminate Light Stripes" under troubleshooting and Print Quality Problems, choosing Basic. The test page came out with color stripes that were incomplete and missing. I have been reading on what to do next to fix it...
More later...

Ideas for the bcrc

Would it be a crazy thought to add plants to the bcrc? I'm thinking that it would be fitting, since it is biology : ) Also, were there fish in the fish tank in the past? I think it would be cool to have fish in the tank, if it is doable. I am getting the hang of the printer queue and how to cancel jobs now.
Another note: When I click on the icon "How to Print" it comes up with an error.


If someone needs a headphone to do their work and there is one lying around in the closet that no one has claimed yet can i give them that headphone to borrow?

The Front Boot

Hello all,

I noticed the front of the room is not in use at all. Even when classes are held in the BCRC, the front of the room is rarely used if ever. Also, there is that giant white board on the table in front which I'm not sure what its purpose is.

I've been thinking of ways that the front of the room could be used if there is no current purpose. Maybe a giant fan can be placed in the front because I'm sure the BCRC will be unbearably hot when the warmer weather rolls in.

Also, for the computers, I was thinking that some of them should have dual boot. They are currently running the latest version of Mac OSX and, with boot camp, a Windows os can be installed. It's true that Mac's os is significantly better than that of Windows but some people are more familiar with Windows and would prefer it.

That's about it for this week. I hope everyone enjoys their weekend.


The Cabinet


The cabinet could use some spring cleaning. It's unorganized and the lost & found in there has its items wrapped in paper. I'm thinking of ways to improve the lost & found system inside the cabinet.

I was wondering if there was a way to know who logged into which computer at what time?

That's about it for today. I hope everyone enjoys their Spring Break.



This week I learned two things.

1) How to give pages to people who have used up their quota of 300 pages.

2) I also learned about the Xerox Sigelonta printer. This printer at the BCRC can print colored pages, however when you print a page, white stripes appear on it. With help from Steve, I tried figuring out the reason for it and how it could be fixed.

At first we tried to eliminate the white stripes by running the control panel troubleshooting procedures.

There are three ways that it can be fixed.

a) Basic
b) Advanced
c) Jet Substitution Mode

I tried all three methods to fix the problem but it did not work and the printer kept on printing light stripes.

Also, using a coffee filter I cleaned the printer head and the plastic wiper blade placed inside the right panel door. The light stripes did not go away but I managed to get rid of the smears.

Finally, I Googled if other people had similar problems with this printer model. There are a lot of people who were asking help on this and most of the solutions given to them were to follow the troubleshooting procedures. One person suggested that if those procedures do not work then the problem might lie in the print head, where some ports are blocked and won’t open.

I stopped working on the matter after a class started in the room, as I did not want to disturb them. The next thing, however, that I will work on is to find out what and where those ports are and how to unblock them.
That’s about it for this week.

Have a good break everybody!!

Ideas for Projects and Drupal

So I have a few ideas that could be fun to work on that would really help students.
1.) A "How to" on Excel
-I plan on listing helpful formulas that come in handy
-How to make charts and graphs
-How to add lines/box things in

2.) I know Bio312 covers this, but a "How to" on resumes could help students who haven't taken the course with building their resumes

3.) Tips on how to get jobs for the summer or for graduates
-Students could work together and give each other helpful hints on where they have heard of jobs or where they have gotten a job relating to biology
-This could also work with research labs

4.) Would it be a cool idea to start a page where students could talk about what they are learning in their classes and/or research labs? This could help fellow students with their decisions when it comes time to choose classes or if they are looking into working in a lab

5.) Students often have troubles printing, and it can be confusing sometimes, so I put together a list that could help...
1.) Make sure you click on Printer Auth icon on the desktop and sign into
that before you want to print something (using your biology username
and password). After you sign in, you can go ahead and print your desired
scholarly document.
2.) If you see a printer on the side menu bar and it is hopping around with a red
number, go ahead and click on that. If your job reads “On Hold” highlight the
job you want to print and click on the “Resume” button on the top.
3.) If you are asked to enter your name again in a separate box (a gray one) with
Registered User selected, change your full name that was pre-filled to your
biology username and password.
4.) If this doesn’t work, try logging out of PrinterAuth and log back and repeat
steps if necessary.
5.) If that doesn’t work, seek a wonderfully helpful consultant!

I have also been reading about Drupal...pretty cool!

Printer Control Info

Today, I finally got everyone entered into the printer control system so that BCRC staff can control the printers again, and increase quotas for people.

In the Print Release System, click on "Manage" to check someone's print history and add quota -- please add in 100 page chunks and let's not increase anyone over ~600 total pages without having them check with me.

You can also see the overview of queued jobs for each printer and manipulate the queues as necessary.