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Ideas for Decorating the BCRC

Hey guys,

The other day I was thinking about some possible ways to spruce up the BCRC for next year. Here are some potential ideas that I came up with:

  1. Make the BCRC more biology-themed rather than computer-themed. Maybe take down some of the random posters around the room and replace them with reference posters, for example, a phylogenetic tree, a plasmid map, a periodic table (although I suppose that's more chemistry-related), a poster about DNA, etc....

  2. Put some plants around the room

  3. A fishtank, maybe?

  4. I thought a bulletin board with recent scientific articles would be cool to have around the room. Perhaps the bulletin board could be titled something like "science in the news" and BCRC staff could periodically update it with interesting news articles they find having to do with science.

Let me know what you guys think of these ideas and if you have any other suggestions for beautifying the BCRC!