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*Happy New Year :)*

Hi Everyone~
It is another exciting new semester here at the BCRC. I hope you all had a nice winter break and all happy to be back.

I just created instructions on printing double sided using microsoft applications and preview. I had also just created on how to print multiple slides on powerpoint. The next one will be how to do that in preview as well.

if anyone figures out any other great tips. Please blog about them and I'll add it in our staff manual and/or How Do I... page.

Enjoy a wonderful semester!

~New Content~

Hi Everyone,
I really enjoyed the new blog entry by Tanya who wrote the instructions on scanning transparent slides. ^^ Good job Tanya!
I've added it to the "How Do I" page. I've also added links on how to print as well as the link to Poster Printing.

Our hardcopy of the BCRC staff manual is coming out rather nicely. I have included a "Tips & Tricks for the Consultant" section. At the moment it includes:
*Printing in the BCRC
*Poster Printing
*Using the Scanner
*Making a Poster with Scribus

I plan on continuing to upgrade our manual with more tips and tricks. Feel free to write your own instructions to help others as well.

Good luck on the rest of Finals and have a wonderful winter break. ^o^



Hi everyone,
It's already November and I can't believe how fast time has gone by. It's getting colder outside but it's always warm at the BCRC :)

I started working on creating a hard copy of the BCRC Staff Manual. I also plan on creating tutorials/tips on the things that I've learned here for future references. mferony, did you figure out how to print the slides for powerpoint?

I also started playing around with the TinyTinyRSS we got from Steve. I'm not much of a FeedReader but I will start learning to~ I subscribed to 1 site that I particular check on a daily basis and now finding out what TinyTiny can do :)

If anyone has any special tips that they think should be included in the HardCopy of the Staff Manual, please print it out or send it to me so I can add it.

~New Ideas~

Hi everyone,
It is a rainy chilly day outside but really nice and warm here at the BCRC. I've recently been given the opportunity to teach a faculty member in learning to use gimp. As a photoshop person, it was a little tough to grasp. But through some web tutorials it is getting easier.
I also had an idea that maybe we should make a tutorial on "How to Print" for various applications available as a book page because then in the future any new BCRC consultant can refer to it. I'll try to get started on it when my GIMP adventures slow down.


~Updating the BCRC Staff Manual~

Hi everyone,
My name is Ann and I've been working here at the BCRC for a while and love it. I've noticed that the BCRC Staff Manual seems to be getting out of date. Some of the things such as the ProblemLog, rental log, or computer covers are not used or available anymore.

I am thinking of updating it and possibly making a hardcopy of it to be stored in the Black Cabinet. The hardcopy would be a great in an event of a power outage for instance. How would you know the procedures if you cannot view the manual on the computer? So This is my plan for now. I will do some edits and see if it can be approved for updating the BCRC Staff Manual website.

That's it for this week, I'll come up with more ideas for the BCRC next time~