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Science Badges

I was visiting the website, that Ann told us about in her email, with a list of Science Badges.
As an Accounting Major, I was awestrucked at what people do out of curiosity.

One of the Badges, that I particularly liked was "I've set fire to stuff". I have a fascination with fire and I can make a fireball in my hand, I can also create a cool flame come out of my fist. So, it was natural for me to choose this badge.
Other then that, I could not relate to anything else.
To me business is exciting, I like reading about frauds committed in business. I keep tabs on how the market is doing.

I have taken Science classes in High School. I have also done some basic experiments like, making solutions, titration etc but that is it.

Hopefully, after reading this, I will be able to understand Science more and will be able to appreciate it even more.

As for the computer lab, I am thinking about stuff I can help with. If anyone of you needs help with anything, feel free to holla!

Another thing that I wanted to say and I might be completely wrong and people can disagree with me too but can we not call out a consultant, who is late to work, to the whole group? It has never happened to me but I feel very uncomfortable just reading those emails.

That is it for me.
Have a great weekend everyone!

Little things here and there

A few things that we can change at BCRC

1- We definitely need more fans in the room. It gets very hot and becomes harder to sit through the shift.

2- The two computers in the back left should be turned into a permanent consultant table to make it easier for students to find us.

3- The consultant signs if in color in addition to getting everyone's attention will look nicer. (I will work on that)

This is all for now.

Good luck on the finals!


This week I learned two things.

1) How to give pages to people who have used up their quota of 300 pages.

2) I also learned about the Xerox Sigelonta printer. This printer at the BCRC can print colored pages, however when you print a page, white stripes appear on it. With help from Steve, I tried figuring out the reason for it and how it could be fixed.

At first we tried to eliminate the white stripes by running the control panel troubleshooting procedures.

There are three ways that it can be fixed.

a) Basic
b) Advanced
c) Jet Substitution Mode

I tried all three methods to fix the problem but it did not work and the printer kept on printing light stripes.

Also, using a coffee filter I cleaned the printer head and the plastic wiper blade placed inside the right panel door. The light stripes did not go away but I managed to get rid of the smears.

Finally, I Googled if other people had similar problems with this printer model. There are a lot of people who were asking help on this and most of the solutions given to them were to follow the troubleshooting procedures. One person suggested that if those procedures do not work then the problem might lie in the print head, where some ports are blocked and won’t open.

I stopped working on the matter after a class started in the room, as I did not want to disturb them. The next thing, however, that I will work on is to find out what and where those ports are and how to unblock them.
That’s about it for this week.

Have a good break everybody!!


I saw yesterday that of the four staplers at bcrc, three of them are broken. We might need to get staplers for the room too.